You are probably already managing the back end of your business by the reports your accounting and other back end systems are generating. These are vital to ensuring your business maintains its required profit levels. But this is only reporting on half of your business’s activity. What about the front end of your business?

Further, if the saying … ‘You can’t improve what you do not MEASURE’ is true, then being able to generate reports and manage your team based upon actual performance, can only mean your business performance and profitability will also improve.

Imagine being able to report on the number of sales calls by sales person, their converted sales percentage, the number of marketing letters sent by your marketing person, the response of their campaign. This dramatically helps you to manage your team’s performance and productivity.

Having powerful reports is the best way to improve performance. This is the exact reason why scoreboards are visible to the playing teams. Celebrating wins and analysing when you fall behind are important aspects of growing a winning culture.

Another advantage of managing by reports is that your staff meetings can become more structured and hence meeting times reduced. Thus, further improving team’s productivity.