Goldmine CRM Australia and New Zealandgoldmine crm australia

Back in the late 90’s Ross Guthrie and Anthony Veale began their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) journey.  GoldMine CRM was the world’s most popular CRM software.  Act was a close second and in Australia Tracker CRM was a popular alternative.  Tracker CRM was eventually taken over by Maximizer but the majority of Tracker users seemed to prefer the GoldMine software’s interface.

By 2002, both Anthony and Ross had left and started their own Brisbane based GoldMine CRM businesses and by 2003 it just made sense to join forces and begin building one of Australia’s most experienced CRM businesses.

It wasn’t long before customer word of mouth spread and our reputation on delivering exceptional GoldMine software services meant that we needed to employ other GoldMine Consultants.

At this stage our popularity was typically focused in South East Queensland. Over the years our GoldMine CRM Australia client base expanded to cities and regional business hot spots:

Goldmine CRM Australia

  • Brisbane QLD Australia
  • Gold Coast QLD Australia
  • Sunshine Coast QLD Australia
  • Cairns QLD Australia
  • Sydney NSW Australia
  • Melbourne VIC Australia
  • Perth WA Australia


New Zealand

More recently we have begun acquiring GoldMine Software clients in New Zealand as well.

  • Wellington NZ
  • Auckland NZ


We are very proud of our continued expansion throughout the APAC region.  We accept this challenge and are looking forward to working with fellow lovers of all things CRM.