Sometimes CRM software add-ins for Outlook become disabled due to Outlook closing unexpectedly.  This can occur for GoldMine, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM packages.  To enable the GoldMine add-in again, please use the following steps:

1)      Close all applications

2)      Open Outlook

3)      Click on the File menu

4)      Click on Options

5)      Click on Add-Ins

6)      Change the Manage option from COM Add-ins to Disabled Items then click on the Gobutton

7)      If GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook is listed, select and click on the Enable button

8)      Click on the Close button

9)      Click on the OK button

10)   Exit Outlook and wait 15 seconds to ensure it is closed

11)   Open Outlook

12)   Click on the File menu

13)   Click on Options

14)   Click on Trust Center

15)   Click on the Trust Center Settings button

16)   Click on Macro Settings

17)   Select Notifications for all macros and Apply macro security settings to installed add-ins, then click OK

18)   Exit Outlook and wait 15 seconds to ensure it is closed

19)   Open Outlook

20)   If the Microsoft Outlook Security Notice is displayed for the C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\GoldMine Plus\Microsoft Outlook\adxloader.dll add-in, click on Enable application add-in

21)   Click on the GoldMine menu

22)   Click on the Connect to GoldMine button

23)   Click on the GoldMine menu

24)   Click on the Setup GoldMine Plus button

25)   Click on the Read GoldMine Settings button (this may take a while)

26)   Click on the Options tab and confirm the settings haven’t changed

27)   Click on the Close button