Download your GoldMine Manuals here

GoldMine invests a lot of time in producing its GoldMine Manuals.  They are some of the most comprehensive training manuals for any CRM system on the market.  On this page we have included 3 of the most popular manuals released by GoldMine.  Most of our clients find the GoldMine User Guide to be an ideal reference tool for new and experienced GoldMine Users.

The Admin Guide is more suited to the GoldMine Champion in your organisation.  The user who seems to have all of the GoldMine answers will love this GoldMine Manual.

The GoldMine API Integration is suited for the programmer in your team.  It has all of the answers on how to integrate GoldMine with your existing ERP, accounting or other application.  This GoldMine Manual also includes some example code to help point your programmer in the right direction.

Download the user guide, admin guide and API GoldMine Manuals using the following links:.

GoldMine Manual – User Guide

The User Guide includes the following topics:

  • Quickstart Wizard
  • Dashboards
  • Activities
  • Calendars
  • Contact Communication
  • Sales Management
  • Opportunity and Project Management
  • Contact Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Service Centre
  • Knowledge Base
  • Outlook Integration
  • GoldMine Mobile Edition Features


GoldMine Manual – Admin Guide

The Admin Guide includes the following topics:

  • Getting Started
  • User Administration
  • Contact Management Administration
  • Contact Communication Administration
  • Data Maintenance and Management
  • Dashboards Management
  • Web Import
  • Customising GoldMine
  • Mobile Settings
  • Plug-ins
  • Reporting
  • Automated Processes
  • Synchronisation
  • Server Agents
  • F2 Lookup Lists
  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office
  • Outlook Integration Administration
  • Google Apps Integration Administration


GoldMine Manual – API Integration Guide

  •  Introduction to Integrating with GoldMine
  • Working with Dynamic Data Exchange
  • Using GMXS32.DLL for database access and sync log updates
  • Working with XML API
  • Accessing the current GoldMine instance with COM
  • Business Logic methods
  • Working with GoldMine Plug-Ins
  • Using Xbase Expressions
  • Xbase Database structures
  • SQL database structures
  • Code Examples


3cubed, can offer tailored GoldMine training services should you need them.  We also offer installation, upgrade and other consulting services for GoldMine.