In larger organisations, security surrounding certain employees emails is an extremely sensitive issue. CEO’s and CFO’s often begin to be very concerned about who can see their emails. I have created the article below to help alleviate these concerns.

The GoldMine Plus for Outlook addin offers numerous security options to keep required information private.

  1. Only emails Linked to GoldMine will be visible inside GoldMine.
  2. Email addresses of a friends, family members, or company solicitors etc would NOT be added to GoldMine. Hence by default these emails will not link to GoldMine.
  3. If an employee wants to further guarantee that certain emails are never linked from their Outlook, they can add the email addresses or domains to the Linking Exclusions section in Outlook.
  4. If an employee doesn’t need to link any emails or appointments into GoldMine, then we would NOT install the GoldMine addin for them. As a result, NO emails or appointments can or would be added to GoldMine. Their data is safe as it is only located in Outlook.
  5. Certain employees only need to link some emails and appointments. Eg Managing Directors only need to link some emails and appointments. In this instance we would configure Outlook to only add emails and appointments into GoldMine if the Managing Director manually clicks the button to link it.  The MD can see what emails are linked in GoldMine by the visible tick (See below). By default all emails are safe inside Outlook as items need to be manually linked.
  6. Employees who have their Outlook set to automatically link emails can manually override this by clicking the Unlink button to remove the email from GoldMine.

These above items exclude all of the security levels which are also available inside GoldMine.

In summary, the security of emails and appointments from Outlook is very well protected with GoldMine with the flexibility to support multiple employee requirements.