Use GoldMine software to search and report on your valuable Client data

GoldMine Software’s powerful search systems are unsurpassed in the CRM Industry.  Your ability to Grow your business by making smarter, more informed decisions comes from having access to the right data and reports.  GoldMine CRM gives you powerful reporting abilities to help you make better business decisions.

Its powerful searching and filtering abilities is provided by its Microsoft SQL database. In this instance its davantage over other web based CRM systems, is the fact that it is an on-premise, Windows based CRM system using Microsoft SQL Server as its backend database.

GoldMine allows you to either build your own SQL Querys using the SQL Query Builder, or if you’re really clever, you can manually write your own SQL Query. This ability to write your own from directly inside the GoldMine software itself is unique to GoldMine and a huge advantage over web based CRM systems.

If you are looking at ways to locate, and report on your valuable client data contained in GoldMine then make sure you watch this video. Once you’ve begun using GoldMine Software’s SQL Query Builder you’ll be hooked.

You can find the SQL Query Builder in GoldMine here:
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