New website like this one by Hicaliber

At last weeks GoldMine CRM Gym training session, I presented an Introduction to Social Media focusing on the benefits for B2B.  This meant focussing on:

  • Inbound Marketing- Answering your prospects need for information
  • Fact that Blogs are a form of Social Media
  • Importance of Blogs for SEO
  • Importance of Links for SEO
  • Twitter for business is important given 42% of Twitter Users follow business
  • LinkedIn basics for business
  • The sooner we start the sooner we receive the benefits.

Given the amazing results we have achieved with our 3cubed website, the Hicaliber team asked if I’d recommend it to our clients.  I said yes, but I wanted a few things in return.  I wanted our clients to get:

  • A site similar in size to our
  • A 15% discount off the normal price
  • Initial SEO and listing on the major search engines
  • Special Social media images
    • Twitter company banner, photo and page background
    • LinkedIn company page banner
    • YouTube banner and photo


So when you jump on the phone to Darren at Hicaliber on 0403 068 555, mention you’re a 3cubed client and ensure you get the 3cubed extras.  Of course you can also call us on 1300 3CUBED or +61 7 3038 1000.

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Last Modified: May 19, 2014