Increasing Sales is something we all love doing and it doesn’t have to be rocket science.  More often than not, it is making sure you do the little things well and taking action.  But what parts of the sales process do you need to focus on to help with conversions?

The solutions appear when you know the answer to the following questions:

  • Who are your best customers and how many do you have?
  • How many purchasers call your business and how may calls does each sales person make?
  • How many suspects turn into prospects?
  • How many presentations turn into sales?
  • How many prospecting calls do your sales people make?
  • What is your lead / opportunity metric
  • Ratio of leads to sales qualified leads
  • Proposal to close ratio
  • Sales leads to close ratio

Once you know the answers you can really begin to GROW your business by either increasing the activity or improving the skills and methods you use in each step.

This is where quality CRM systems deployed by 3cubed can greatly help.  11 years experience has shown us the best way to deploy sales focused CRM solutions.  We’ll help you develop sales reports that will give you answers to the above questions and more.

We’ll give you the tools to monitor, measure and as a result increase your sales.