GoldMine CRM Email Marketing Performance Reporting

The latest release of GoldMine software has added an awesome, built in integration with Constant Contact. Constant Contact is an online email marketing tool that lets you track and report on the interaction your clients have with your emails. Constant Contact lets you report on:
• Who opened the email
• What was the percentage open to closing of your emails.
• Who clicked on what sections of your email
• What was the most popular section of your email
• Plus loads more …

The true power of the integration with Constant Contact is the fact that these results are all logged directly inside GoldMine. The GoldMine History tab now displays:
• What email was sent and when
• When the client opened the email
• What sections of the email did they click on

Amazing Results

We have already had a number of clients use the GoldMine Constant Contact integration. Some examples of their successes follow:

Example 1:

Brett, used to send thousands of emails directly through GoldMine. He would then schedule calls to his telemarketers for follow up. He was getting great results from just doing this. Trick was though, out of the 900 emails he would send, which contacts should his telemarketing team be following up first?

Now with the Constant Contact integration he was able to segment out the contacts that had clicked through to his website from the sent emails. Now his telemarketers are calling the HOT leads first, rather than stumbling across them like they did previously.

Not surprisingly, their conversion rate soared!

Example 2:

2014 for David and his team is going to be the year they start their newsletter again. Like every other business I know, the main issue is … what do I write about? He wanted to write engaging content that made people want to open his newsletters.

After the first GoldMine CRM / Constant Contact email blast he instantly noticed that one of the three articles he wrote, massively resonated with his client base. He then knew what his client base were interested in and hence what to write about in subsequent newsletters.

Newsletter readership is on the up and up!

Example 3:

The next step for Brett is to combine the Constant Contact integration with GoldMine CRM’s powerful and built in Automated Processes. The plan is to automatically schedule a follow up call for his telemarketers as soon as GoldMine detects that a contact has clicked through on an email.

This should improve the response time in calling HOT prospects and also reduce the administration time in running reports.

Example 4:

3cubed’s next focus is to take advantage of GoldMine’s powerful and flexible Dashboards. This will instantly generate graphs and charts to display the results of all Marketing Campaigns.

The improved Business Intelligence and Decision Making ability this provides is very exciting!


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