3cubed CRM Experts

Having been CRM specialists for the last 11 years, we’ve seen it all before. We’ve had clients contact us after their IT consultant promised he could deploy a world class CRM system in 2 weeks. We’ve had clients who have worked with other CRM partners who have tracked us down based upon our reputation. We’ve even had clients who ventured off to other partners, only to come back within 2-3 months as they just didn’t get the same, ‘Care Factor’ as they did when working with 3cubed.

For the 3cubed team, reputation is everything and our runs are on the board when it comes to ‘Going the Extra Mile’ for our Australian and New Zealand customers for the last 11 years.

CRM Review

Our experience has highlighted the need for us to offer a CRM Results review, an opportunity for businesses with a CRM system to contact us for a no obligation review of their CRM deployment. To discuss the CRM basics and ensure you’re obtaining the expected results for Contact Management, Sales, Marketing and Service integration based on our 11 years experience.

We’ll then focus on Team productivity and procedural matters, as the associated CRM benefits in these areas are enormous.


Importantly we offer this service for users of any CRM system, not just GoldMine CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM is not about software but about business strategies, procedures and management intelligence that deliver amazing results. As a result we’ll happily spend some time with you reviewing your CRM system, your expected outcomes and the results actually delivered.


FREE … yep there is no cost for this.

What we will do: We will sit down with the relevant Owners/Managers and discuss your current CRM results and desired CRM results. Ask questions about your business, your industry and relate this back to the benefits you should be expecting from a CRM system, based upon 11 years experience. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and enjoy helping others to profit from this experience.  On site visits are for South East Queensland based businesses only.  For businesses based in other Australian or New Zealand locations we can meet via a teleconference.

So what is the catch: The review is for an hour, we won’t document or report on the ideas generated. Nor will we do any detailed analysis of your data. It is a free service after all…

Expected outcome: You’ll take away dozens of great ideas on how to use your CRM better. How it can help your sales, marketing and Service teams. How it can be used to build systems and procedures so the business can expand without the growing pains. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’re confident our experience in working with similar businesses from different industries will provide you with ideas from outside of your current circle of influence.

Call us today on 1300 32 82 33 to arrange your CRM Review.