The whole, “you need to go Cloud” phenomenon has been gaining traction in the last few years.  But not everyone is still comfortable in having all of your data stored on someone else’s servers, where you have no control over it.

As with anything in life, there are pro’s and con’s associated with both strategies. 3cubed’s focus has been to position ourselves with expertise with both Cloud and On-premise options.

GoldMine CRM

GoldMine CRM is primarily an On-Premise, server based CRM solution.  It needs to be directly connected to your client workstations.  While this used to mean that you needed servers located in the office, the advent of Microsoft Terminal Services has now meant you can have all of your servers hosted in the cloud.  Your users then connect to your hosted server through the internet using laptops, workstations or cheap, thin terminals.

3cubed has worked with numerous partners over the years who can offer this solution.  We also have numerous reference sites who work in this manner so call us to learn more.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013

MSCRM is the most flexible of all the CRM offerings.  It truly gives you the ultimate flexibility.  You can purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the following ways:

On Premise:
You can purchase the software and install it on your own servers.  There are three options associated with this:

  • Purchase outright in year 1
  • Purchase outright over 3 years
  • License the software in a rental/lease type manner where you pay an amount yearly to maintain your Microsoft licensing.

Microsoft offer multiple cloud offerings as well.  These offerings are paid on a monthly basis with no upfront licensing costs:

  • Hosted and purchased directly from Microsoft.  Data is located in Microsoft data centres overseas.
  • Hosted and purchased from 3rd party vendors.  These include 3cubed, Telstra  and other experienced, CRM focused, IT vendors.